Patreon Episode 1 – Becky’s Struggles with Mental Health

This is the first patreon only episode of the Mental Health Book Club Podcast, were the full interview is avaliable. You will only be able to do that by being an extremley awesome person and heading over to and donating as little as $2 a month to the Mental Health Book Club Podcast.

By becoming a patron of the podcast you will be able to have some additional perks which we will add to over time. There are three levels of support that you can provide, bronze, silver and gold.


  • Access to the Patron-only feed with early release episodes
  • We will announce your name on an upcoming episode as a contributor
  • Eligable for giveaways


  • A handmade crochet book mark (by Sydney and Becky)
  • Plus all previous rewards


  • Priority book recommendations
  • Your emails are given priority
  • Plus all previous rewards

Once we hit some monthly goals – $200 we will donate $50 a month to Mind the mental health charity.

If you are not able to support us through patreon thats okay, just listening to the podcast makes us very happy. But there are some things you can do to offer us additional help, you can following us on Twitter, Facebook, by Email, Subscribe to the podcast, Leave us a review or just tell people about us. All of those will help to spread the MHBC podcast word.

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