Mental Health Book Review: Searching for Brighter Days: Learning to Manage my Bipolar Brain by Karen Manton

Overall Rating:

The Mental Health Book Club Podcast enjoyed this book, Becky gave it 3* and Sydney gave it 4*.

This book is an honest and heartbreaking story of Karen’s life with mental illness. She writes a frank account from her childhood witnessing domestic violence to her hospital treatments. She discusses medications, her diagnosis with Bipolar Disorder and the stigmas she faced.

You will cry and laugh as you read this book. It is well written and comes from a non-judgemental and loving mother who is just trying to survive. It opens up an understanding of what living with mental illness is like.

The book shows the struggles the healthcare system has been through and how far society has come fighting the stigma of mental illness. However, there is still more work to do.

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