Book 46 – Hope with OCD: A self-help guide to obsessive compulsive disorder for parents, carers and friends of sufferers by Lynn Crilly

This book is also available on audible and you can get a free 30 day trial by clicking the image below.

OCD is all too often trivialised, misdiagnosed and woefully misunderstood, but for sufferers it can be completely debilitating and for their carers, life shattering, keeping them all slaves to the sufferer’s anxieties. Award-winning counsellor and author, Lynn Crilly, puts the many myths surrounding OCD under the spotlight and shows how different the reality is. The most common question asked by parents, partners and friends of OCD sufferers is, ‘What can I do?’ Lynn, based on successful support of her own daughter and other sufferers, provides much-needed positive, practical answers. Illustrated with observations and anecdotes from carers and sufferers themselves, Hope with OCD explains the many varieties of OCD, how to spot them, the possible causes and drivers and gives a balanced guide to available treatments – both mainstream and ‘alternative’ – in the context of what has worked in Lynn’s experience. She gives hope to carers and sufferers alike that OCD can be challenged and conquered.

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