Book 44 – OCD to Me: An Anthology of Anxieties by Ryan Bernstein

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Approximately 1 in 100 adults, and 1 in 200 children and adolescents are currently suffering with OCD in the United States. Even more discouraging is that OCD often goes untreated. It takes 9 years on average to correctly diagnose OCD, which means even more people are struggling due to a lack of awareness. Mental illness also carries a stigma so many people feel shame and embarrassment and refuse to seek treatment. Given all of these factors it is not surprising that OCD is known as the silent disruptor.

In OCD to Me, sixty courageous individuals open their hearts and share what having OCD feels like. Reading their compelling journeys will inspire and inform. For those who have OCD this book will show you that you are not alone. For those who have loved ones who suffer with OCD you will understand their pain. For those who are curious about OCD or think they may have OCD this book will give you the facts.

OCD to Me features a foreword by Dr. Yip, a clinical psychologist, author, speaker, nationally recognized OCD expert, and founder of the Renewed Freedom Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Yip shares her personal battle with OCD, and why she has dedicated her professional career to treating families and individuals with severe OCD and anxiety disorders using a comprehensive modality she developed. Two Ph.D psychologists, who are also national OCD leaders, contribute chapters filled with valuable treatment information, tips, and practical advice about how to manage OCD. Hope is in these pages!

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