Mental Health Book Review: Birth of a New Brain by Dyane Harwood

Overall Rating:

The Mental Health Book Club Podcast loved this book, both Becky and Sydney gave it 5*.

We adored this book and could not put it down. Not only is its honestly infectious, Dyane writes in a way which means you cannot help but care for her. Dyane’s struggles with postpartum bipolar affective disorder is complex and heart-breaking. The support she gets from her husband and her doula (post birth support) is amazing, a role we had never heard of before.

Dyane’s honesty is raw and will leave you with a much better understanding of bipolar disorder. She reflects on her father’s struggles with the same illness and times in her past when she might have been experiencing it, unknowingly.

It is hard to read the treatments and failures in medication that Dyane goes through. The hope that something will work is finally reached but it is a long bumpy road. Her experiences with the controversial electroconvulsive therapy are explained without judgement. Dyane explains that everyone is an individual and owns the fact this is just her story. However, it is a story many can find hope and understanding.

This book is an amazing story by a courageous and strong lady who overcomes any obstacle put in front of her. She is an inspiration and now a friend.

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  1. Thank you so much!!!! I’m incredibly chuffed to read this review and you’ve totally made my day. The fact I made two inspiring, remarkable, brilliant, talented, & fun friends through the Mental Health Book Club has been the icing on the vegan cake! (Yes, your friend is goofy.)

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