Mental Health Book Club: Daddy Blues: Postnatal Depression and Fatherhood

Overall Rating:

The Mental Health Book Club Podcast hosts Becky and Sydney both gave this book 3*.

The book is a frank and honest account of a man’s struggle with his mental health after the birth of his child.  It discusses the traumatic birth of his son and his wife’s struggles with her own depression.

Being women without children, we did not feel we were Mark’s primary audience and so we felt a little detached from the topic. However, we could see that this book has to anyone in a similar situation and will provide hope that it can get better. Anyone who has had a child will see some experiences they can relate to.

Being a parent is hard and it changes so much, this book explores this with a raw honesty that is rare amongst parents. Often parents are expected to be happy as they have a new child, but this book shows some of the darker times that can be had.

Not only does this book address men’s mental health but also it raises the profile of an almost unheard of mental health illness, postnatal depression in men. The book also touches on the use of alcohol to self-medicate when depressed.

We had no idea men could get postnatal depression and this book raises awareness and shows how Mark goes on to help other men that are suffering. His dedication is an inspiration.

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